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Swap Shop

As the old saying goes… “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

The Nucleus Swap Shop is a free service for the SEM community to post donations and exchange items. It should not be used to advertise or sell things. The Nucleus Swap Shop is not responsible for the representations made in materials submitted, nor is it responsible for any product or service offered. 

Posted items should be in clean and in good and working condition.

Please log in to submit your donation/swap post and view the postings.

Submission Guidelines:

1. Please include the condition of the item (i.e. new, like new, good) you are posting in the description.

2. Please upload picture of the actual item.

3. If you are submitting a picture of the item on a mobile device, please take the picture using a horizontal orientation (landscape). 

Thank you so much for supporting our SEM community. 🙂